A Word from Veronica

Five and a half years ago, I started a freelance website design company called Kirin|Design.  Over that first year it grew from just website design to graphic design, content development, and SEO.

I started bringing on staff in the second year.  As some of you may remember, it was at this point that we transitioned to the name Green Cup Design (or GreenCup for short).  We expanded to branding, videography, and photography, while still keeping our core website services.

It was in our fourth year that we returned to our roots.  GreenCup has always been about the web, and so we began partnering with other local companies (BoxBoom Creative and Little World) in order to continue offering our clients a suite of design and multimedia services while focusing on what we do best — the web.

During this period I began speaking and coaching other entrepreneurs with their work.  Over the past year and a half, my travel to present workshops across the country and work with other entrepreneurs has grown a lot.  Giving back to this community has been a wonderful experience.

Those of you that have gotten to know me well are sure to know that helping others is important to me.  I’ve happily spent extra time with most of you to ensure that you are comfortable with the inner workings of your website needs.

My time was being pulled away from GreenCup, but I didn’t want that level of service to suffer.  Kendra, Mike, and Chuck bring that care to their work, but the management of the team is just as important.

As a result, I decided to bring on new Directors to take over my role, not only as project manager, but as owners.  I searched for people who equally felt passionate about helping others, and have found a great match in Joanna and Bill Corrigan.  Not only do they have the website development skills that are important to managing your online presence, but they are quirky and kind, just like me.  Get to know them in their introduction letter.

This will be a long transition, so don’t expect me to go anywhere too fast!  If you have any questions or would like to meet with us, feel free to reach out.  My contact information will remain the same.

It has been a pleasure serving you these past five and a half years.