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Client Spotlight: Watkins Ross

by | Mar 28, 2023 | GreenCup Digital Client Spotlight

At GreenCup Digital, we believe the best way to provide strategic digital marketing solutions is by partnering with our clients to fully understand and achieve both short and long-term business goals. We strive to meet each client where they’re at, offering customized tools and strategies that allow business owners to evolve their digital marketing efforts over time and alongside growth.

A GreenCup Digital client since 2018, Watkins Ross has led the charge in terms of online growth and digital adaptation. Now celebrating their 75th year as one of Grand Rapids’ premiere consulting, actuarial, and retirement plan administration firms, they’ve taken each digital marketing era, update, and challenge in stride.


The Challenge

Watkins Ross’ most recent digital marketing challenge was simple: they wanted to celebrate 75 years in business with an updated, attractive look for their website. Confident in their target market, experience, and value, Watkins Ross sought to refresh the aesthetic and accessibility of their website to align with the evolving needs of their online audiences.

The digital marketing partnership didn’t end there, however. Watkins Ross also elicited GreenCup Digital’s help to translate their client-focused values on the world’s most professional social media platform, LinkedIn, and through content written and published in the articles section of their site. Watkins Ross wanted audiences to easily understand their consulting, actuarial, and administration services while simultaneously offering visitors valuable, helpful advice.


The Solution

The website development team at GreenCup Digital knew exactly how to provide Watkins Ross with the redesign they desired. Using our years of experience with their organization and their established brand as a baseline, we strategically redesigned each page of their site, carefully executing user-experience upgrades like content formatting and visual enhancements along the way.

Watkins Ross offers a series of services to a very specific target audience, thereby naturally increasing search engine competition and lowering organic search volume. Our SEO team suggested implementing a series of Google Ads to attract new users through strategic keyword use and site features. The ads were custom-developed to include both new and current clients, consequently attracting the largest possible audience and return on investment.

To further broaden Watkins Ross’ digital marketing impact, reach, and value to clients, GreenCup Digital’s social media team formulated new, eye-catching ways to announce the organization’s services and 75 years of experience. Engaging with audiences on LinkedIn allows Watkins Ross to attract new clients while simultaneously funneling audiences to their newly-designed website for more information. Our content development team assisted with parsing out the wealth of knowledge presented in Watkins Ross’ articles section of their website, consequently making it easy and valuable for visitors to engage with and return to the site.

As a full-spectrum digital marketing agency with specialized teams of subject-matter experts, GreenCup Digital allows clients like Watkins Ross to advantageously benefit from strategic, flexible solutions under one, collaborative partnership. We harnessed the power of our diverse independent skills to create an all-encompassing solution to Watkins Ross’ unique challenges.


The Results

After partnering with GreenCup Digital, Watkins Ross enjoyed a 4.22% Google Ad campaign click-through rate (CTR) and attributed a series of qualified new leads to campaign results. Website page views are up nearly 130% and with the launch of their latest website refresh and with a series of new Google Ad campaigns on the horizon, we’re eager to see what 2023 brings for Watkins Ross.

New Home Page for Watkins Ross, by the GreenCup Team

Searching for a long-term digital marketing partner who can help your business succeed online year after year? GreenCup Digital prioritizes digital marketing strategy longevity and we intentionally stay informed of every development, upgrade, or new online opportunity available for our clients. Invest in a digital marketing team that handles the research, development, and execution for you while expertly attracting and guiding your target audiences to your business’s top priorities. Connect with us here to learn more about our collaborative and customizable digital marketing services.

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