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Website support Packages

Our talented team of web professionals can do the heavy lifting, so you don’t have to.

Hourly Support - $150/hr

Hourly support may be purchased for any of your website needs. This includes updating software, code corrections, content updates, and security.

Bulk Hours

$1250/ 10 Bulk Hours

Many small business owners prefer that someone else manages their website for them. However, they don’t want to be locked into a fixed maintenance package because their business only requires a few updates each month.

Our Bulk Hours package offers business owners an alternative to traditional monthly maintenance solutions. Purchased quarterly, our package includes 10 hours that can used wherever they are needed most – short of a major website redesign or rebuild, of course.

Our options include website security updates, fresh page content, new colors, and editing or posting any blog entries you create. Our flexible and affordable website maintenance packages meet many small business needs.  



What Are Updates?

Every website needs to be maintained, some more often than others.  A WordPress website is constantly evolving in order to keep up with best practices and security threats. These updates to the WordPress software must be completed regularly. Similarly, the Plugins on your website are also updated often, both to keep up with the WordPress software and security threats. If you don’t have the time to log in and check your site for updates regularly, this may be something we should handle.

Why Does My Site Need Security?

WordPress is the most widely used CMS (content management system) to date, accounting for over 60% of all websites. It gained this standing due to its ease of use and good standing with Google’s standards. Any website is a target for hackers, and WordPress’ wide use makes it especially enticing.

Every WordPress site has some security built in, but it is best practice to take extra measures to safeguard against attack. If you built your website yourself, or it was built without mention of security, some of the basics may have been overlooked. In addition, there are plugins (software) that make your site’s defense even stronger, and will alert you if an attack is under way.

Why Might I Change My Design?

A website is a digital representation of your small business.  As your business is always evolving, so should your website. Your design might change due to a new product launch, updated branding, or require corrections after an update.  Finally, website trends change from year to year. Keeping up with these trends will keep your business looking fresh and up-to-date.

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