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Thankful for Our Client Partnerships: Reflecting on Small Business Success

by | Nov 10, 2023 | GreenCup Digital Client Spotlight, Small Business Marketing

The holiday season signals the end of another year, and here at GreenCup Digital, we can’t let 2023 pass by without reflecting on the relationships we’ve built through our work with so many wonderful clients.

Our client partnerships have been an opportunity to bring success to more small businesses, but they’ve also given us the chance to learn new things, expand our skills, and grow as a team. We invite you to gather around the proverbial fire with us as we share stories of our clients’s successes and show how each achievement is a lesson in doing our best work together.

Watkins Ross

Watkins Ross Website

Headquartered in Grand Rapids with satellite offices in Wisconsin and Louisiana, Watkins Ross serves clients nationwide in administering retirement benefits and health plans on behalf of employers and unions. 2023 marked their 75th year in business providing consultation and actuarial services, and they wanted to mark the occasion by creating a sleek, accessible website that demonstrated their ability to evolve with the market.

The website development team at GreenCup Digital meticulously redesigned each webpage to create a cohesive, consistent look across the entire site. At the same time, visual upgrades for easy site navigation and improved content formatting were implemented to create a more user-friendly web experience. In addition to the site refresh, the marketing and social media teams continued an ongoing campaign to reach new customers through coordinated Google Ads and LinkedIn campaigns. Through consistent LinkedIn engagement and a 4.22% ad click-through rate, Watkins Ross’ freshly redesigned website received 130% more views since the website refresh, positioning them to service even more clients for the next 75 years!

Learn more about our partnership with Watkins Ross by reading GreenCup Digital’s Watkins Ross client spotlight!

Natural Choice Foods

Natural Choice Foods Website

Founded in 1997, Natural Choice Foods has long been a champion of sustainability by helping their clients transport, store, and repackage overstock food, cutting down on commercial food waste. With a fleet of refrigerated trucks and over 150,000 square feet of storage space, Natural Choice Foods had everything they needed to effectively serve their retail partners – all that was missing was a website that would make them stand out.

Cue GreenCup Digital and our stellar website development team! Not only did we work to capture the spirit of service of Natural Choice Foods in the look and feel of their new site, but we also continued to monitor site data after the redesign to provide them with all the information they needed to continue reaching new customers while also learning more about the customers they already had. The GreenCup team remains on call to service the website through regular maintenance and troubleshooting to ensure Natural Choice Foods is always putting its best digital food forward!

Daily Deals Food Outlet

Daily Deals Facebook Page

As the retail arm of Natural Choice Foods, Daily Deals Food Outlet offers affordable groceries for West Michigan families. By buying overstock food at a discounted price and repacking it at their storage facility, Daily Deals Food Outlet can provide groceries from the same brands you might find at any other retailer for less. As part of a push to grow their local brand recognition, Daily Deals Food Outlet enlisted the services of GreenCup Digital to reach new customers via social media.

Despite a relatively small digital following, the GreenCup social media team maximized the impact of Daily Deals Food Outlet’s existing audience to not only leave a memorable impression on current customers but also reach an even broader market. In 2023, with just 20,000 followers of the Daily Deals Food Outlet Facebook page, our social media team made over 3 million impressions and received engagement from nearly 150,000 people on Facebook! 82,000 of those engagements were clicks through to the Dail Deals Food Outlet webpage, vastly expanding their brand reach through an effective social media partnership with GreenCup Digital.

Sperry Law

Sperry Law Website

Having practiced law since 2006, Matthew Sperry recently founded his firm, Sperry Law, to provide hands-on, client-centric legal advocacy in family, criminal, and immigration law. Despite an impressive legal background, Sperry Law operated for nearly a year without a website, limiting its online visibility.

GreenCup Digital was enlisted to build a website from the ground up, capturing Sperry Law’s commitment to being informative and accessible to its clients while also creating a striking, unique visual design. At Sperry Law’s direction, our website development team incorporated a dark and light theme into the website design, which can be changed on a whim with a toggle switch at the top of the page. This design element was a new challenge for us, and our mutually beneficial client partnership with Sperry Law allowed us to grow and develop our design skills while still providing a top-notch website that gave Sperry Law a memorable digital presence.

Do you want to see the same success in your own business? Connect with GreenCup Digital to learn about our full gamut of services and the techniques we use to customize each marketing strategy to the needs of every individual project. With service-oriented client partnerships throughout West Michigan and beyond, our collaborative approach to digital marketing puts you in the driver’s seat on the road to your success story.

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