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Time for an Update at GreenCup Digital!

by | Apr 16, 2019 | GreenCup Digital in the News

We’ve seen a fair amount of change at GreenCup Digital over the last year, with much of it revolving around Joanna Corrigan taking the wheel from Veronica Kirin to steer us toward growth, new projects, and new opportunities.

By merging two companies, CATKAM Media and GreenCup, the result is GreenCup Digital. A one-stop shop where West Michigan small businesses can find the solution to any or all of their web design, social media, content, SEO, and branding needs.

Named for a friendly meeting over coffee, GreenCup Digital is made up of a group of Tech and Internet professionals who provide our clients with the best website and digital solutions, but without overwhelming our clients with geek-speak, jargon, or cliches.

The growth at GreenCup Digital is not only represented by a new name and a new website. In 2018, we also welcomed several new members to the GreenCup Digital team to expand the list of digital solutions the company can provide to small businesses throughout West Michigan. And beyond.

The GreenCup Digital team now includes Kandace Gordon, a weight-lifting craft beer enthusiast and digital coding ninja who can make your website’s bells and whistles sing and dance. In her own words, Kandace loves “being able to use my knowledge to help businesses and clients implement a website they are excited about.”

GreenCup Digital also welcomed Kiki Karpus in 2018, a travel enthusiast who has been to all 50 states and 37 countries – a list that continues to grow. Kiki is a branding specialist that can make your company as unforgettable as that pop song that became implanted into your subconscious in 2014 and now haunts your sleepless nights.

Kiki and Kandace fill in the gaps that used to mean our clients had to (gasp) work with someone else. GreenCup Digital also added social media solutions to our website design and maintenance toolbox and can now cover even more of your small business’s digital needs.

Kendra Higgins, GreenCup Digital’s lead web designer and developer, knows what call-outs you’ll click first, and where your touchpad will take you next. When she isn’t building wonderful things with wood or chasing chickens around her homestead, you’ll find her creating beautiful user experiences for our clients instead.

Mike LaLonde can always find you. Mike’s been trained in the ancient art of SEO and he’s not afraid to use it. SEO, or Search Engine Optimization is that mysterious skill that makes your website magically appear on small office monitors around the world. The rest of us just pretend to understand what he’s talking about and nod our heads to say that we concur.

Chuck Warren brings your thoughts and ideas to life through all types of writing. After entering poetry contests for years, he finally realized that he could earn a living by stringing words and phrases together for other people. Whether it’s a weekly blog post or the written content for your website, Chuck provides a steady stream of text from the back of his boat on Lake Michigan.

Joanna Corrigan directs the entire band when she isn’t traveling around the country or running in a West Michigan race. She likes to celebrate her victories with her favorite craft beer in hand. She’s got a master’s degree in chat and, although her percussion section is usually on one continent while the strings are on another, with her direction her team creates beautiful music together.

We hope you’ll take a minute to check out our new website, and maybe even let us know what you think. And, when you’re ready for your next website rebuild or your new business needs a complete digital solution created from scratch, we would love to introduce you to our team members, both new and old, as well.

Our recent improvements and additions have done nothing to change GreenCup Digital’s mission. We still aim to create the best possible representation of you, your company, or your product online. Give us a call when you’re ready to meet for a cup of coffee and let’s discuss all of the ways we can get that done.

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