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GRBJ Women Who Move West Michigan

by | Jun 30, 2021 | GreenCup Digital in the News

What’s better than a self-driven, proactive business partner with years of client-focused experience under her belt? Try an entire team of self-driven, proactive, experienced business partners! GreenCup Digital is a woman-owned digital marketing business in Grand Rapids, Michigan that provides customized, long-term solutions to some of the most complex problems facing small business owners today.

Staying competitive in an increasingly digital world can be incredibly difficult, especially when balancing all the other daily tasks and needs of a small business. Under the direct leadership of teamwork-focused owner Joanna Chulick, GreenCup Digital solves the ever-evolving issue of keeping up with digital demands by offering web development, copywriting, social media management, and search engine optimization (SEO) to small business clients worldwide. 

The key to GreenCup Digital’s unique business model? A team-based approach both with clients and within the core of the business itself. GreenCup Digital functions as an invested shareholder in the businesses we serve, providing long-term support and genuine passion for our projects from start to finish. The secret to our success lies within our team’s ability to capitalize on one another’s strengths so we can together provide the best possible benefit and value to our clients. 

Take GreenCup Digital’s Director of Marketing and Client Experience, Kendra Higgins, for example. Her digital marketing experience allows her to effortlessly sync the needs of current and potential clients with the diverse array of digital talents and services GreenCup Digital provides. Her background and education provide the pinpoint expertise small businesses need to strategize their digital presence and trust in the process. Her efforts are underscored by her team’s mutual respect, trust in her direction, and dedication to providing the best possible services for every client, every time.

GRBJ Women Who Move West Michigan | GreenCup Digital

Interested in learning more about how GreenCup Digital capitalizes on the power of teamwork to meet the growing digital marketing needs of their clients? Check out our feature in the Grand Rapids Business Journal. When you’re ready to learn more about how GreenCup Digital can help you advance your digital marketing strategy, connect with us here. Together we can enhance your digital presence, grow your business, and give you the tools you need to manage your digital marketing for years to come.

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