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Client Spotlight: Boulder Longevity Institute

by | Jan 26, 2022 | GreenCup Digital Client Spotlight, Marketing, Website Development

GreenCup Digital reaches beyond simple solutions to your business’ marketing challenges. We aren’t just another contracted vendor focused on bulleted, one-and-done objectives that we bare-bones complete just before disappearing into a cloud of smoke, never to be seen again. Our business model is anchored in our intrinsic ability to become long-term, dynamic members of your team. We help you reach your goals by digging deep into the foundations of your business practices, so together we can amplify the most important elements of your offerings for your target audiences. We form a relationship with your business both in practice and in our commitment to seeing you succeed.

This dedication to long-term results is showcased beautifully in our relationship with one of our valued clients, the Boulder Longevity Institute (BLI). 


A unique, multi-faceted healthcare organization that provides “tomorrow’s medicine today”,  BLI came to GreenCup Digital because they wanted an SEO strategy to digitally communicate their dimensional resources to potential customers. Their target audience ranges significantly, from health-conscious individuals nearing retirement to athletes struggling with health optimization to biohacking skeptics who need a bit more background. BLI also had a few arms of business they wanted to gain traction around, including increased online academy memberships, expanded clinical inquiries, and more consistently developed content for their members.

After just one phone call, we realized BLI’s needs extended beyond a simple SEO strategy. It was time to engage our very best, all-encompassing client resource…and proposed a full Digital Marketing Audit.


A GreenCup Digital Marketing Audit is the single best way to check the pulse of a business as a whole. We wanted to ensure our attention landed on the top priorities underlying BLI’s diverse structure, so we prioritized the business model elements that focused on growth opportunities, audience comprehension, and appeal.

We started by building out automations to ease their workload and developing business personas to identify and target the types of people BLI wanted to attract through high-level marketing campaigns, advertisements, and articles. We also provided content architecture to create a better brand position, a foundational strategy GreenCup Digital often uses with clients to support and accelerate growth.

Once we had the cornerstone elements of the digital revamp in place, we dove into content strategy development, lead generation workflows, and landing page optimization to streamline the user experience. We then added in social media support to help distribute and consistently manage content to reach the maximum number of eyes and cater to the buyer personas developed during our foundational work. Prioritization of each task was carefully weighed against potential impact and the ability for BLI to continue growing – we wanted to ensure BLI had the freedom and room they needed to continue refining their offerings without needing to stay glued to GreenCup Digital’s ideas, schedules, and priorities.

As our relationship organically evolved with BLI, we had the opportunity to showcase GreenCup Digital’s most unique digital marketing agency attributes – client-focused flexibility. At one point during the BLI digital marketing renovation, we realized the feedback we were getting about the colors and images our graphic designer chose for social media posts translated to a misalignment between BLI’s vision and our deliverables. We set up a meeting to discuss and our intuition proved correct; BLI agreed they needed consistency in their social media efforts, but they wanted Facebook and Instagram posts to better reflect their internal voice, position, and image.

Boulder Longevity Institute | GreenCup Digital Social Media Management
Boulder Longevity Institute | GreenCup Digital Social Media Management
Boulder Longevity Institute | GreenCup Digital Social Media Management

GreenCup Digital quickly pivoted our services to answer these concerns. We identified another graphic designer on our team that could better capture BLI’s presence. Within a few short weeks, BLI was back to full satisfaction with their social media management. Objectively and honestly identifying the strengths of our team and aligning them with the needs of our clients is just one of the unique solutions we offer every day to every GreenCup Digital client.


We are thrilled to boast that the Boulder Longevity Institute hit their goals with our multifaceted approach to solution implementation and continued support via targeted monitoring and improvement initiatives. BLI officially launched its Human Optimization Academy, the educational arm of their business, in July of 2021 with over 1200 members. New content is added to the Academy weekly, and monthly Live Q&A sessions with Dr. Yurth are conducted consistently.

BLI released their first course titled, “What to Fix First,” and are working on their next course, targeted for completion by the end of the year. They consistently send a variety of emails from all components of their business, including their clinical services and their supplement sector. They’re seeing a 38.32% engagement rate across all email lists, which means clients are not only opening and clicking on emails but staying engaged past the typical 3-6 month timeframe when 70% of lists typically see turnover.

When compared to metrics gathered before GreenCup Digital’s partnership, BLI’s daily social media channel reach has increased 169%, drawing in new clients and capturing the eyes of potential clients more and more each day. Their profile views jumped up 38% with a 204% increase in website clicks. GreenCup Digital is committed to showcasing BLI on social media, gaining new followers, and creating engaging content that translates to click-throughs and individualized inquiry funnels that speak to specific customer needs.

BLI is seeing a 51% increase in unique page views just 15 days since their new website launched, with an 8.78% increase in average time on site compared to the same time last year. These numbers reflect deeper levels of engagement in GreenCup Digital-generated content. Not only are we attracting and enticing users to the website, but we’re holding them there with the use of strategic, engaging content.

Boulder Longevity Institute | GreenCup Digital Website Design and Development

As a result of GreenCup Digital’s successful digital marketing efforts to date, BLI now utilizes us for ongoing monthly marketing support, social media management, Academy content management, email marketing, and website support.

As we got to know BLI and vice versa, our relationship grew to a mutually beneficial place of ongoing support, education, and success. The site is now a true representation of what makes Boulder Longevity Institute different while highlighting the unique services they offer and the resources they provide for longevity in health and wellness.

In less than a year working together, GreenCup Digital has proven to be so much more than “just a marketing partner” and has developed into an invaluable part of our team. What began as an attempt to find an agency to manage some of our more traditional digital marketing needs, such as social media content posting and creation of marketing emails, has grown into a collaborative partnership in which we look to GreenCup Digital as a strategic sounding board, holding us accountable to our goals and forcing us to think and define our strategies. The team we work with at GC has invested time getting to learn our business, and as such has a robust understanding of who we are and what we stand for at a deep and intimate level. This allows them to provide an outside perspective, but with a lens to realistic application of what makes sense with our business operations. 


We have grown the services and support we work with GreenCup Digital to execute, beginning initially with social media content, evolving to a complete redesign of our website, and most recently, taking on the role of outsourced management of a key customer-facing arm of our business. We have loved working with GreenCup Digital and look forward to our continued collaboration!

Courtney Van Bussum

Director of Product Development, Boulder Longevity Institute

As exemplified with the Boulder Longevity Institute, the GreenCup Digital marketing approach goes much deeper than simply selling unnecessary services to clients and hoping everything works out. We partner with our clients. We dedicate ourselves to ensuring content is finished on time, insights are delivered quickly, and all possible avenues of opportunity are identified and communicated cohesively so our clients can maintain a position for success. Are you looking to streamline your business, capture the hearts of your target audiences, and see your business thrive in our digital world? We’re here to help. Connect with us here, and let’s discuss how a GreenCup Digital full digital marketing audit can help make your business dreams a reality.

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