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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

When it comes to SEO, we don’t cut corners. We work with our clients to set long term goals and then work towards a lasting solution that keeps working for you even if you decide to stop adding new content. In other words, the progress you make with us, is yours to keep.

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Full SEO Analysis

SEO Audit

Not sure where to start with SEO? An audit is where it’s at! We’ll review your website and identify the problems that are preventing new customers from finding you. Get a 20 page SEO analysis with a detailed list of website correction and improvement recommendations plus traffic reporting, keyword rankings, and research. We also include a look at your competitors and suggest opportunities for improvement such as Social Media Strategies and better directory use.

We recommend completing SEO Audits on a quarterly basis. 

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We’ve been working with GreenCup for SEO support for a couple years now, and we’ve seen tangible results. They know what they’re doing, and it works!

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Local SEO Package | GreenCup Digital Grand Rapids, Michigan

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Local SEO package

Having a website isn’t enough – it’s vital that your business also be found via local search. Our SEO packages check all the boxes, complete with a Data Studio Dashboard so you can watch your progress in real time. 

Are you a national business, or looking to be more aggressive in your SEO strategy? Ask about our Advanced SEO Package. 

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GreenCup Digital SEO Packages Include:

Only the things you need and with the priority of giving you the most impact in search. 


Keyword Research


Competitor Analysis


Page Speed


Mobile Usability


Keyword Research


Content Review




Social Presences


Listings & Reviews


Ranking Data


Backlink Review


Analytic Benchmarking


Local Listings


Niche Listings


Relationship Leveraging


Unlinked Mentions


Content Placement


Opportunity Monitoring

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Additional Services

Keyword Research

Based on an initial list of keywords you provide, this report will give you an extensive look at the keywords we should be targeting to help plan content that includes the best keywords to target your industry.

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Google Analytics Goals Set-Up

We’ll help identify goals (like traffic or bounce rate) in analytics helping you benchmark your performance for better reporting. 

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Google Ads Management (PPC)

Looking for help managing your Google Ads? We’ll help with strategy, design, implementation, and monthly reporting. 

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SEO Consulting

If you’re looking for guiding advice, or just need a few hours to help get a new service off the ground – ask about our hourly SEO consulting. 

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SEO Checklist | GreenCup Digital Search Engine Optimization
frequently asked questions about

Search Engine Optimization

What Is SEO And Why Do I Need It?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) improves your site’s rankings in search results, helping you get found, improve your relationship with customers, drive your authority in the industry and generate more website traffic. More than ever, having a strong internet presence is important when running a business, but a website isn’t enough. It’s vital to your business that you also be found via local search which is where SEO comes into play!

How Long Until I See Results?

Our first analysis is conducted immediately when you come on board with us. If you didn’t have Google Analytics already running on your website, this analysis will be more of a comparison of the current online market without much data. We’ll do the best we can to bring you in line with SEO best practices at that time.

Google takes its time in building trust in your website, just like people do. That’s because Google’s customers are humans and caters to their needs first. We recommend a minimum of six (6) months before making an assessment of your results, or three analyses.

Why Do You Look At Directories?

Directories (such as Google My Business and Yelp) are a great place to promote your website. They are also a good way to get your first backlinks. But as time goes on, different directories may end up with deprecated information, confusing both Google and your customers. During our analysis, we check the ten major databases for discrepancies and correct them for you (if granted access). We will also tell you which opportunities you’re missing out on so you can add even more strength to your online presence.

Do You Offer Link Building?

Links are extremely important to the visibility of a website. Links tell Google that a website is valid and desirable by online users. Several years ago, link building was a massive business. It didn’t matter where the links came from – Google wasn’t watching. Since then, many updates to Google’s algorithms have made link building much more about the human experience – no surprise there! When we work with you on Link Building, we create an analysis of your site specifically to make recommendations on how to build links: What ways will work best for your company, specific to your target market, and how to build those relationships. We no longer build the link relationships for you because Google knows the difference.

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