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What happens when you hire a team that is passionate about all things digital?

Great Things. That’s What.

When you work with GreenCup Digital, you get personalized attention from a team of professionals with the experience to build the best representation of your business online. Our team takes the stress out of website maintenance, content creation, and online marketing.


Joanna Corrigan


Joanna directs the whole band. Someone’s got to run things, especially when your string section is on one continent and percussion is on another. She’s passionate about running, craft beer in Cabo, and making your online presence take off.


Carly DeVries

Project Manager

Carly likes to run the show. As Project Manager, she loves to hit goals. Once a non-runner, her personal drive took her across the Chicago Marathon finish line. Her desire for accomplishment tortures friends and family but delights customers with completed milestones. 


Kendra Higgins

Web Developer

Kendra can tell what button you’ll push. She loves to create the best user experience for her clients, and drive the leads you need with actionable landing pages. Basically living a double life, you can also find her chasing chickens around her homestead.


Mike Lalonde

SEO Manager

Mike thinks up ways to find you. Well, not you – your website. If you peeked into Mike’s mind, you’d see copies of the Google, Bing, and other search algorithms hard at work. A perpetual traveler, Mike sometimes misses his 1986 Chevy Celebrity.


Anne DiVitto

Social Media Strategist

Anne loves music, so she makes your social media sing.* She builds brand awareness with fun, informative content. Anne once skied in Patagonia, swam with dolphins in Mexico, and if given the chance she would have been a rockstar.


Chuck Warren

Content Manager

Chuck writes the stuff that fills the empty spaces. He provides the content that gives your website something to say. Chuck writes when he’s not driving someone’s boat. Or writing about boats. Or out on the water in his own boat.


Kiki Karpus

Branding/Design Specialist

Kiki can make you unforgettable. She uses shapes and colors to tell stories that stick in your client’s head like a one hit wonder. Growing up, she wanted to be an architect, which might explain the wood paneling on her first car.

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I couldn’t have had a better experience working with Green Cup! Veronica, Joanna, Kendra, and their team did an incredible job with the design of my logo and website. They took my requests and built upon them to create something that was better than I could have ever expected!

Lauren Staal

Owner, Healthy Plate Living