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Social Media Management

Social media is the number one tool a small business can use today to connect with and grow its customer base. GreenCup Digital can help you create a strong social presence that can build community, engage your customers, and impact your SEO.

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Social Media Management

Your job is to run your business. Our job is to play with the Internet. Let us manage your social media profiles for you, keeping the content fresh and making sure your website catches the attention of your followers, and the search engines. We also provide ad development and analytics to ensure your social media posts do more than just make announcements, they should also bring you more business.

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Social Media Management | GreenCup Digital, Grand Rapids, MI

“We use GreenCup to manage several of our Facebook pages and other social media platforms. The level of engagement from our runners has been great! I don’t have to manage things, they take the initiative to make things happen without my intervention.”

Don Kern

Race Director, Grand Rapids Marathon

GreenCup Digital Services

Social Media Audit

When your social media performance shifts in the wrong direction – it’s time for an audit. 

We begin with a three-part process to better understand your current social media presence and create a strategy going forward. We help ensure you’re leveraging the correct platforms while offering insight on content types to help drive traffic to your website and increase leads.

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Social Media

Additional Services

Profile Set-Up

Are you a new business looking to get your social profiles established? We can help with that!

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Social Media Advertising

GreenCup can manage your Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns for you. We research, set up, and run your campaigns by strategically targeting your ads based on your unique audience. We also recommend images and ad copy and identify the most effective type of ad and best tool for your campaign. Graphic Design and Copywriting services are also available to help your ad really shine.

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Social Check-Up

Need confirmation that you set up your social media platforms correctly? Or maybe your social profiles have changed internal ownership, and you need to ensure everything is up to date. We’ll review your platforms and give you a full report of what’s compliant with today’s algorithm and how to improve. 

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Hourly Support

Already have social media but can’t quite figure out how to do that one thing, and Google is no help? You can purchase hourly support for any of your social media needs. This includes updating a profile, creating a custom profile or cover image, or reviewing social media ad settings.  

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Social Media Tips

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frequently asked questions about

Social Media

Why Do I Need Social Media Management?

Random social media posts don’t do much to generate leads. Without purpose or direction, your social media and blog posts don’t give your clients reason to pay attention. Posting consistently and intentionally builds relationships with customers and increases awareness of your brand.

How Do I Know Social Media Is Working?

Of course you want to know if all of this work is paying off. We provide monthly reporting summarizing the month’s best performing posts, follower growth, engagement and reach. We can also set specific goals for campaigns and review how they did.

Do I Have To Create The Content?

We work with our clients to create content designed to match their brand’s identity, voice and style. From custom branded photos and videos to relevant articles and links, we provide content that is fresh, engaging and encourages customers to come back to see what happens next.

How Do I Know What Social Media Platform I Should Use?

While the options feel endless, you should only select the social media platforms that work for your business. How do you choose? We’ll we’re glad you asked! Check out this blog post where we break down how to choose the right social media platform for you. 

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