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Client Spotlight: Bricks Station

by | Oct 18, 2021 | GreenCup Digital Client Spotlight, Website Development

We’ve all been there…

You’re late for work with no time for breakfast, and you’re out of gas. You pull into the nearest gas station and mentally prepare yourself for mediocre, grainy coffee and packaged carbohydrates…. but what if we told you it doesn’t need to be this way? 

GreenCup Digital’s featured client, Bricks Station, redefines, reimagines, and resolves the tired, sluggish gas station routine. This locally-owned, West Michigan service station brand provides delicious food made to order matched with freshly-brewed coffees, smoothies, and even locally brewed beer. With three convenient locations just outside of Grand Rapids, Bricks Station offers everything from pristine car wash services to ice cream to recreational fuels. It’s easy to see why Bricks Station is growing with incredible speed and why they asked GreenCup Digital to join them yet again in streamlining their digital presence. 


The Challenge

Bricks Station’s success translated easily to growth, and with new locations popping up around the West Michigan area, they quickly realized the need to redesign their website. Bricks Station wanted to showcase their new locations while easily conveying their goals, uniqueness, and specialties. They wanted an accessible website with clear navigation tools for their growing customer population to easily find them.

Additionally, they needed help cleaning up their Google My Business listings, removing duplicate listings, and updating the information to match their new website. 

The Solution

We were happy to continue our digital marketing support for this long-time client and jumped right in to address Bricks Station’s needs. GreenCup Digital’s solution was threefold – first, we used enhanced targeting, attractive presentation, and Brick Station’s unique, alluring features to entice the local population to make Bricks Station their regular, go-to gas station. Second, we acknowledged and catered to Grand Rapid’s high volume of Illinois and upper-midwest travelers by putting forward information relevant to their specific needs. Third, we focused on making Bricks Station’s newly-launched reward system accessible by allowing customers to sign up right on the website and download the corresponding phone app through direct download links. 

Our goal was to present information most valuable to current and potential Bricks Station customers in a crystal clear, easy-to-find way. Close to 99% of gas station services are conducted on-site, in person, which means customers value quick pricing references, accessible and accurate contact information, transparently outlined food options, and important info such as bathroom availability. Presenting all this information as a visual grid makes it easy for customers to understand what they’re looking at and flow through the visual hierarchy to drill down to what they need, with the most important bits right at the top. 

Bricks Station: Website Refresh | GreenCup Digital

We also maximized Bricks Station’s Google search rankings by claiming and updating their Google My Business listings to include their new locations. Bricks Station now has the ability to update each location on Google with hours of operation, new products, targeted marketing posts, and service announcements. Multiple customer communication channels make it easy to build trust with current customers while simultaneously attracting new ones.  

The Result

The newly-redesigned Bricks Station website features a streamlined, responsive menu with easy access to designated landing pages for each location. Customers can quickly locate contact information and location specifics, including menus, unique features for each station, and how to benefit from and sign up for the Bricks Station rewards system. GreenCup Digital also focused on responsiveness in today’s mobile world.

“Making a website responsive and easy to use on mobile is essential in any design nowadays, and combining large enticing graphics with small screens always presents a unique challenge; with good hierarchy and intelligent organization, GreenCup Digital’s sites collapse down sensibly without compromising on features or quality of design. This is what we did for Bricks Station, and the results were great.” 

Edward Smith

Web Developer, GreenCup Digital

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