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Grateful for Clients, Connections, and Good Marketing

by | Nov 21, 2022 | GreenCup Digital Client Spotlight, Small Business Marketing

West Michigan’s holiday season has arrived! It’s the best time of year for small businesses to reflect on accomplishments, give thanks for success, and strategize for the year ahead. 

GreenCup Digital has plenty to celebrate this season, with exceptional client partnerships, community connections, and digital marketing achievements peppering our plates all year long. We invite you to take a seat at GreenCup Digital’s holiday table as we dig into this year’s client success stories and showcase how partnering with our clients leads to abundance and growth for all involved.  

Eastbrook Homes

A long-time GreenCup Digital client, Eastbrook Homes brings the holidays home with stunning customizable home builds in communities throughout West Michigan and the Greater Lansing Area. Eastbrook’s 2022 digital marketing goals included a fresh, new look and improved functionality for their business website. 

GreenCup Digital was happy to help; our web development and copywriting teams joined together to launch Eastbrook’s brand new website this year, with custom-built features designed to enhance user experience, site speed, and search engine optimization (SEO). We also pivoted our SEO strategy around an ever-changing housing market to promote several different resources and keep traffic and engagement up. Our partnership resulted in an eye-catching, welcoming website that expertly guides clients to professional resources while communicating Eastbrook’s long-standing reputation of being one of the best home builders in West Michigan. 

Eastbrook Homes | Website Development by GreenCup Digital

“The GreenCup team has been great to work with! They are responsive and innovative and produce quality work. We can’t wait to continue to build this business relationship. Thanks for everything!”Sarah Titus, Marketing Manager at Eastbrook Homes


Best Friends Pet Care

A national-level business with boarding, day camp, grooming, training, and vet clinic locations across 17 states, Best Friends Pet Care offers state-of-the-art resources and facilities for a variety of pet needs. With multiple locations and arms of business to manage, Best Friends Pet Care reached out to GreenCup Digital for assistance with social media brand consistency and balanced promotion for each of their many locations. 

GreenCup Digital’s social media team began by organizing content into both regional and nationwide buckets, with equal promotion distributed between all locations. We built a stable, consistent digital marketing content calendar for Best Friends Pet Care’s Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook accounts, backed by improvement benchmarks and social media metrics to further support our efforts. The result is a more dynamic, synchronized social media system that speaks to Best Friends Pet Care’s unique diversity of services and engages target customers throughout the country. 

“GreenCup Digital has been a great partnership for us. We work closely with them to produce social content that is compelling, engaging, and beneficial to our business. They bring a lot of social knowledge and are very flexible with the ever-changing world of marketing. We trust them implicitly with speaking for our brand and to our customers.”Korissa Vagos, Marketing Director at Best Friends Pet Care


Zoetic Resume and Writing Services

A local West Michigan business that’s grown to global levels, Zoetic Resume and Writing Services provides custom resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile services to career-focused professionals, executives, and students throughout the world. Growing Zoetic’s client base through strategic website copy ranked high on owner Becky’s list of 2022 priorities. 

GreenCup Digital’s copywriting team stepped up to the plate by crafting consistent, search-engine-optimized content designed to attract Zoetic’s diverse target audiences. In the first six months alone, GreenCup Digital’s partnership with Zoetic Resume and Writing Services earned Zoetic a heavy increase in online client contact, website engagement, and service package purchases. We’re proud to continue working with Zoetic to deliver exceptional digital marketing content that captures Becky’s individual voice while converting website visitors into successful clients.  

“In hiring Green Cup Digital to manage content and marketing aspects of my business, I can say with certainty that this decision has had a positive impact on my business, increasing lead generation and boosting monthly sales. I appreciate the number of people involved in my project, and they have a communication plan in place that allows me to be as hands-on (or hands-off!) as I’d like to be. They have successfully managed this portion of my business, allowing me to stay focused on my work and attention to clients. Don’t hesitate to reach out to the Green Cup Digital team to start on your project if you’re interested in growth and visibility.” Becky Neff, Owner of Zoetic Resume and Writing Services


Polished Dental Care

One of West Michigan’s most caring and comprehensive dental providers, Polished Dental Care enhances the lives of their patients by providing quality care in a friendly, family-focused environment. When Polished Dental Care came under new ownership, Dr. Liz knew a new name, brand, and website were vital for a seamless transition.

GreenCup Digital captured Dr. Liz’s unique style by delivering a new logo, color scheme, and brand that helped Polished Dental Care stand apart from competitors. Our branding, copywriting, and web development teams expertly communicated the intricate details of the practice’s multi-service business model while staying true to the needs of both long-time patients and potential clients. Learn more about the dental practice’s incredible digital marketing transformation by checking out GreenCup Digital’s Polished Dental Care client spotlight article!

Polished Dental Care

“I would highly recommend the amazing team at GreenCup Digital for all your branding, marketing, SEO, and content needs! They were attentive, creative, easy to work with, and a lot of fun!”Katie Belland, Director of Operations at Polished Dental Care


Boulder Longevity Institute

A leader in foundational health services, Boulder Longevity Institute (BLI) provides exceptional, personalized care for clients around the world. After attaining outstanding results from previous digital marketing partnership efforts with GreenCup Digital, BLI wanted to take a deep dive into website development, email marketing, and social media strategy to broaden their educational reach and secure new audiences. Dr. Elizabeth Yurth, BLI’s Co-Founder and Chief Medical Officer, also sought GreenCup Digital’s social media assistance with expanding her personal brand and showcasing her unique, multi-faceted expertise to audiences worldwide. 

GreenCup Digital’s website development, content creation, and social media teams jumped right in, offering insights, automations, and strategies to strengthen BLI’s web, email, and social media presence. We captured BLI’s target audience through improved online user experience, consistent emails, and a well-branded, educational tone on both Instagram and Facebook.  Our partnership resulted in the successful launch of BLI’s Human Optimization Academy and improved website, email, and social media traction around BLI’s expert knowledge of the health industry, longevity, and cellular medicine. 

BLI’s daily social media channel reach increased by 169%, profile views jumped up 38%, and website clicks rose 204% since partnering with GreenCup Digital. They saw a 51% increase in unique page views just 15 days after their new website launched, with an 8.78% increase in average time on site compared to the same time last year.

“In less than a year of working together, GreenCup has proven to be so much more than ‘just a marketing partner’ and has developed into an invaluable part of our team. We have loved working with GreenCup and look forward to our continued collaboration!”Courtney Van Bussum, Director of Product Development at BLI


Big O’ Smokehouse

A West Michigan staple for the last 25 years, Big O’ Smokehouse is a family-owned all-natural hardwood smoked fish, seafood, and meat producer with community-focused values and a passion for creating gourmet experiences with fresh, local ingredients. As Big O’s customer base grew over the last year, so did their need for a fresh, new digital marketing strategy. They enlisted GreenCup Digital to help balance their overall online approach, provide support for their website, and engage customers across all platforms. 

GreenCup Digital’s website development, social media, and email marketing teams got to work immediately, focusing primarily on consistency across all digital modalities. We developed a social media content calendar and email marketing campaign that capitalized on Big O’s strong community values while grabbing the attention of customers with dynamic, brand-unifying graphics. Our website support and marketing consultation assistance helped Big O’ prioritize their digital marketing efforts, so each piece of content reached the greatest possible audience in the most effective way. Together, we’ve taken Big O’s online presence from small local audiences to statewide success and beyond.    

Since partnering with GreenCup Digital, Big O’s total Instagram impressions more than doubled from 2,221 to 4,587, and they continue to grow month over month.

Big O' Smokehouse Instagram | GreenCup Digital Social Media Management Services

“GreenCup Digital has been a great addition to our team. They are accommodating, knowledgeable, and responsive. Their well-organized system has helped to keep things moving forward and on track. I am very grateful for Kendra and her fantastic team of experts.” – Bruce Osterhaven, President of Big O’ Smokehouse


Pew Pew Guru

An established Chicagoland NRA Certified Basic Pistol Instructor, State of Illinois Concealed Weapon Instructor, and Federal Firearm Licensed Dealer, Pew Pew Guru offers concealed carry training, home defense courses, gun transfers, and firearm purchase opportunities for Illinois residents and beyond. Owner Kevin Flowers came to GreenCup Digital wanting better consistency and engagement from Pew Pew Guru’s email marketing campaigns and digital marketing efforts. 

GreenCup Digital’s content creation teams rose to the occasion by offering a comprehensive bundle of services strategically positioned to maximize email marketing campaign success. We began by establishing a standard delivery practice that regularly connected Pew Pew Guru’s email marketing audience with valuable insights and information. With monthly emails now going out regularly, we’re shifting focus to the development of corresponding, relevant blog topics that Kevin can link to in his emails to entice readers to visit Pew Pew Guru’s website for more resources and information. The result is a unified, dependable digital customer outreach effort that engages audiences and delivers results.   

Since partnering with GreenCup Digital, Pew Pew Guru experienced a jump in email campaign click-through rates (CTR), moving from 0.95% CTR  to 1.94% CTR – nearly doubling customer engagement. 

Pew Pew Guru | GreenCup Digital Email Marketing Services

“[GreenCup Digital] has allowed me to focus on growth and strategic moves while they handle the day-to-day marketing and content creation which is a major part of my strategy for my business. I would recommend GreenCup Digital to people who need great content, social media management, and website creation!”Kevin Flowers, Owner of Pew Pew Guru


Learning to Give

Learning to Give is a Council of Michigan Foundations nonprofit program dedicated to philanthropy education for our nation’s youth. A leader in providing tools, resources, and education about the science of giving and youth-led community-building, Learning to Give wanted to enhance their social media presence so they could spread their important message to new audiences around the globe.

The social media experts at GreenCup Digital dove right in by expanding Learning to Give’s Twitter content to include resources for parents and community youth leaders. By appealing to parents and youth leaders with digestible, relatable ideas on how to promote philanthropy to children outside the classroom, GreenCup Digital’s content broadened Learning to Give’s digital marketing reach and engaged an entirely new set of youth-based influencers. Learning to Give’s social media accounts now focus on holistic brand awareness and sharing philanthropy education with a greater, more diverse digital audience. 

Learning to Give’s social media “mentions,” or engagement moments when other social media users used “@” to tag and/or mention Learning to Give in separate posts, were 12 times higher in 2022 (when they partnered with GreenCup Digital) compared to 2021.



A national business dedicated to providing processes, systems, training, and support for manufacturing companies throughout the US, Own Your Own BI, LLC (OYBI) is one of the most experienced manufacturing enterprise resource planning consultants in the nation. OYBI connected with GreenCup Digital because they were in the process of launching a new website using the odoo platform and wanted a dynamic, impactful digital marketing SEO strategy to capture the attention of their niche market and target audiences. 

GreenCup Digital’s SEO team began with a Search Engine Optimization audit, focusing primarily on how OYBI’s current online content reached manufacturing-specific customer prospects. We took a thorough look at OYBI’s search terms, keywords, and website copy to identify opportunities and develop a clear strategy for overcoming competition and standing out in search results. GreenCup Digital’s SEO team tailored our guidance to OYBI’s specific website needs, ensuring the assistance we provided could be easily implemented and maintained regardless of which website platform they used during their relaunch. The end result was a comprehensive set of SEO best practices custom-made for OYBI’s niche audience, systems, and business goals. 


Are you ready to create your own success story? GreenCup Digital offers customized digital marketing strategies, techniques, and solutions for small businesses throughout West Michigan and beyond. Connect with us here to learn more about our team, services, and collaborative, partnership-focused business practices. Together we’ll take your small business goals from dinner table conversations to dollar-earning conversions. 

Get in touch today with GreenCup Digital for a consultation.

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