Meet The New Directors of GreenCup

Meet the new directors of greencup

Hello, GreenCup community!

We’re Joanna and Bill Corrigan, owners of CATKAM media, a service business focused on website development, SEO services, and social media management. We formed our company in 2016 to offer our expertise to business owners, consultants, freelancers, and anyone else who needs to establish or grow an online presence.

Bill has more than 20 years of web development experience, working for every type of business from large multinational companies to small boutique agencies. He’s an expert HTML, CSS, and JavaScript coder with incredible problem-solving skills.

My customer service and project management skills were developed over nearly 20 years in retail, both at the store and corporate level. An early adopter of social media platforms, I love helping others appreciate the power (and fun) of social media to connect with customers and clients.

Like Veronica and the team at GreenCup, Bill and I share a passion for helping small businesses, nonprofits, and budding entrepreneurs succeed. We did not hesitate when the opportunity arose to become a part of what Veronica has built over the years.  We admire her business savvy and personal approach to client service and are super impressed with the skills of GreenCup team members Kendra, Chuck, and Mike. We’re going to keep this team together as we adopt GreenCup as a division of CATKAM media.

Our goal with this new endeavor is to continue the amazing customer service and high standards for client success that Veronica and the GreenCup team have established. Feel free to contact us if you would like to have a cup of coffee. We look forward to meeting you soon.

Joanna and Bill

To learn more about Veronica’s transition, read her letter here.

Written On April 26, 2018

About The Author: Joanna

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