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The GreenCup Team’s Playbook to Being a Small Business Sensation in 2024

by | Jan 18, 2024 | Small Business Marketing

With all the work that goes into building a business (and then keeping it running), it’s hard to find the time to become a digital marketing expert on top of already being your industry expert. Thankfully, the GreenCup team is full of skilled professionals who always find the fun in their work while taking their craft and the support of our clients seriously.

With a bit of peer pressure from our enthusiastic (and sometimes obnoxious) leaders, our team is excited to share their favorite digital marketing tips to help you craft a marketing approach designed to attract an ever-growing base of happy, loyal customers. From SEO to social media, each piece of marketing wisdom is a gem in the crown of a successful digital strategy.

User Experience

Chief Inspiration Officer Marrissa’s digital marketing tip for an unparalleled user experience: Make sure the homepage of your website is simple, concise, and clearly conveys the most important information you want your customers to see. Feature a single call-to-action consistent with your brand voice that demonstrates the value proposition you bring to customers. 

Your homepage should briefly (emphasis on “briefly”) communicate who you are, what you do, and why customers should want to learn more. An overwhelming homepage packed with too much information can be more confusing than helpful.

Why it matters: Your homepage should drive clicks through your website and customer conversions. An engaging webpage with a clear call-to-action increases those conversions and lets you guide customers to the most important parts of your website.


Code Ninjaneer Ruben’s digital marketing tip for creating a site that converts: When uploading photos to your website, make sure the photo size matches the size you want it to appear online. If you have a product image that will display at no more than 300 pixels wide, you shouldn’t be uploading the original 1920 x 1080 pixel image. Resize the photo to a smaller, appropriately scaled version of the image first, then upload it. This will significantly speed up your site’s load times, especially if you have a lot of images on your site.

Why it matters: Site speed impacts your SEO ranking. Search engines don’t like slow websites (who does, really?). It also hurts your user experience, making your customers less likely to spend time browsing through your website. That will definitely hurt your SEO ranking.

Paid Media

Ideation Wizard Mika’s digital marketing tip for paid media that performs: Create a paid media ad whose style and voice are consistent with the landing page that the ad sends customers to. If your ad campaign and landing page content aren’t cohesive, your customers might be confused by the different styles or think they’re being catfished. Make sure you hook customers with a headline that carries over to “continue” the story from the ad.

Why it matters: You only have a few seconds to make a good first impression. A captivating, engaging ad that sends customers to a captivating, engaging landing page puts your best brand foot forward right off the bat!

Email Marketing

Digital Prophet Cass’s digital marketing tip for an electrifying email campaign: Use a shared IP provided by an email service provider when sending marketing emails. This allows you to ride on the back of other senders’ reputations instead of just counting on your own. You know you’re trustworthy, but your customers and their pesky spam filters don’t know that, at least not yet. Using that shared IP is like getting to know the club’s bouncer so your emails don’t get flagged for not being on the list. That can’t help you if your emails act like spam, though. The bouncer can still throw you out for misbehaving, so you should follow laws regarding email contact and clean your email lists regularly.

Why it matters: An email that no one reads isn’t helping anyone, and when’s the last time you checked your spam folder (other than to empty it)? A shared IP helps make sure your customers actually see your emails.

Social Media

Caption Composer Anne’s digital marketing tip for a stunning social media page: Don’t shy away from AI. It’s not here to take over the world (yet… we hope); it’s here to help you write better social media captions! It will help you automate menial tasks and focus on more strategic work. Training an AI to understand you, your business, and your tone can be a valuable time-saving tool. Don’t forget: Always read what an AI content generator returns and edit it for content! It will never just be cut and paste. You should always review, edit, and revise!

Why it matters: Writer’s block is real. AI is an excellent tool for keeping the ideas rolling and making your social media captions catchy and memorable.


Wordinator Will’s digital marketing tip for crushing your copywriting: Write with the customer perspective in mind! Whether it’s a blog post or landing page for your website, ask yourself, “If I were reading this as a customer, what would make this content valuable to me? Would I find this informative and helpful, and would it encourage me to explore this website and this company more?” Meaningless fluff and keyword-stuffed blog posts that don’t actually provide useful content will put a bad taste in the mouths of your customers and, crucially, Google.

Why it matters: “Authority” is an essential marketing resource for both customer opinion and SEO rankings. Engaging content that provides valued information gives you that authority in the minds of your customers and search engine algorithms.

Graphic Design

Pantone Connoisseur Lizeth’s digital marketing tip for dazzling graphic design: BE BOLD. Design can speak louder than words, so don’t be afraid to take risks with vibrant colors, unique design elements, and creative image formats. Grays and beiges might seem the safe choice, but they also won’t stick in the minds of your customers. Use your website, your social media graphics, and all your design work to stand out so that when customers think of your industry, they think of you.

Why it matters: Embracing creativity and taking risks is a great way to make a memorable impression. Standing out and being remembered is essential for small businesses trying to get a foothold in their industry or grow their existing market.

Looking for more marketing tips? Don’t worry, we’re full of them. Connect with us today to see what the combined brainpower of our talented, creative team can do to elevate your brand. You and your small business have something unique to offer. Let’s show it off together.

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