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Time for a Website Refresh or Rebuild?

by | Feb 18, 2019 | Website Development

You know how important a nice-looking website is to your business today. You know that it’s the face of your company – like a fresh-faced employee at the reception desk who has a smile for everyone and can serve up facts and figures about your business for anyone who asks. They are as effective at selling your product or service as you are.

Your website is responsible for the first impression many of your customers will take away after searching for an answer or solution. Those people will find you by using the little screen of their mobile device first, then by taking a second look after they get home or back to their office where they can sit at the big screen of their laptop.

The people searching for the solution you provide are also busy. They are rushing between appointments or taking a few minutes out of their lunch break to dig through the web. Or, they are sitting in the car, waiting for their partner to come out of the grocery store.

If you watch the world around you, you already know these things. You know that your website needs to serve up your company’s main selling point quickly on a site that can be just as easily viewed on a phone as it can on a laptop.

So, why are you still running the FrontPage website you built in 2004 with your logo, some tiny, blinking text sucked up into the top left corner of your screen, and nothing else to see but some broken links that haven’t been updated in ten years? Of course, your clients might be wowed by the framed-in video compilation of funny cats half-way down your home (and only) page. Of course, that link still works.

Today’s websites are simple, clean, and informative. They are easy to navigate and easy to read no matter how big or small the viewer’s screen is. They put the most important info out front with eye-catching, but not overwhelming, colors and graphics that make your potential clients want to know more.

If your site is not up to date, you are losing sales. If the site does not reflect today’s standards, your clients aren’t sticking around long enough to find out what you have to offer. Would you? Imagine squinting at your phone as you try to drag the tiny scroll bar all over the screen just to see what’s on the page. How long would you last?

If you look at your website and immediately get the urge to chat with someone on AOL, or you hear that voice in your head say “You’ve got mail!” it’s probably time for a rebuild. Or, at least a refresh.

GreenCup Digital can provide all the necessary skill and knowledge you need to bring your website into the current decade. Put away your “Classic Hits of the 90’s” CD collection and contact us to discuss the improvements you need to make your website into a hard-working online representative of your business.

Our team of professionals is skilled in web design, content creation, SEO, and social media with the experience needed to make your website look good. Look today good.

We can turn your website into that fresh-faced employee who shares valued information with your visitors, tells fun stories about your company, and gives your potential clients a feel for who you are and why they would want to work with you.

If you are considering a refresh of your existing site or even a complete rebuild, contact GreenCup Digital. Let’s start by discussing your project over a cup of coffee.

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