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Why Landing Pages Are An Important Part Of Marketing

by | Oct 28, 2022 | Website Development

Most of us are familiar with the importance of small business websites and the invaluable impact they have on sales and digital marketing, but have you ever experienced the power of a landing page? 

You’ve likely encountered a landing page or two after clicking a link in an email or navigating to another site while scrolling social media ads. Landing pages combine the ease and accessibility of a small business website with a hyper-focused, single call-to-action or goal. Instead of enticing visitors to browse your business’s entire website, landing pages hook visitors with specific content, abundant details, and a place to provide personal information (like an email address) in exchange for something valuable (like a free guide or offer code). 

The one-stop-shop nature of landing pages allows target audiences to obtain the info, opportunities, and offers they need while swiftly building your client database and converting your small business website’s traffic into sales.  

Landing Page Anatomy 101

The goal of every landing page is to convince audiences to take a specific action, whether it’s entering an email address, purchasing a product, or registering to receive more content. Successful landing pages communicate undeniable value by the time readers reach a call to action. You want to build customer excitement using strategic content designed to make everyone eager to purchase, learn more, or sign up. 

Start at the Top: Brief Headline, Focused Content

A landing page’s headline should mirror the content and terminology used to bring audiences to the page. Let customers know their click took them to the right place by using cohesive images and copy introducing your unique selling proposition. You can supplement headlines with subheadings that tease audiences and expand on the main theme just a bit – but don’t get too carried away. You want visitors to continue on the landing page journey and head toward the call-to-action. 

Moving Toward the Middle: Supportive Copy and Strategic Media

Worried about filling your small business website with too many details and too much content for customers to read? Landing pages might be the perfect solution for you! A good landing page welcomes detailed explanations about the benefits you’re offering. Details should be relevant, captivating, and focused on how you’ll benefit the customer; you don’t want readers’ eyes to wander or glaze over. A good mix of different media types, like call-out boxes, videos, or images, can help keep your audience’s attention.  

Advancing Down the Trail: Testimonials and Social Proof

Target audiences love to see proof of quality and value through published customer reviews and testimonials. Landing pages with social proof allow potential customers to browse the experiences of others without needing to leave your site. Incorporating testimonials into landing page content allows small business owners to capitalize on past successes while paving the way for future accomplishments. 

End of the Line: Call to Action

By the time customers reach the end of a landing page, they should be captivated, eager, and excited to provide whatever information necessary to obtain all of the amazing benefits they just learned about. A call to action can be a link to a specific product or service page, an email sign-up form, or even a downloadable incentive – just stay on brand and topic. A landing page’s call-to-action needs to be clear and obvious yet unique enough to keep a visitor’s attention and excitement. This is the moment where all landing page strategy, creativity, and effort pay off and conversions take place. 

How Landing Pages Help Small Businesses Succeed

Good for Customers: A good, well-developed landing page improves conversion rates, enhances advertising campaigns, attracts new audiences, and creates a foundation for unified content and branding across social media, email, and digital marketing channels. 

Good for Metrics: Looking to track a specific campaign’s success or try a new content approach? Landing pages convert visitors into customers while allowing small business owners to track, target, and set engagement metrics

Good for Automation: While building a landing page takes considerable investment upfront in terms of time and strategy, once built, it functions as a fairly low-maintenance lead funnel and first-touch trigger point for lead nurturing marketing automation

Top 3 Tips for Building the Perfect Landing Page

Tip #1: Stay on Topic

It’s easy to get wrapped up in the “why” behind your personal reasons for launching a new product or holding a special sales event. Your customers, however, care more about how your product or event will improve their lives. Save long, lengthy content explaining your personal connections for your “About Us” page.   

Tip #2: Keep Links to a Minimum

This isn’t the place to introduce a plethora of backlinks to other areas on your site; you want visitors to pull up the landing page, travel down the content, and stay a while. The only link you want potential customers to click while visiting your landing page is the strong, clear call-to-action link. 

Tip #3: Make it Easy

A landing page should be easy to follow, read, and interact with. Popups, confusing videos, third-party ads, and large blocks of text have no place here. Your landing page’s call to action should be clear and easy to click. If you’re asking customers to fill out a form, ensure it works properly and is easy to use before publishing. Check downloadable content regularly and make sure everything comes through as intended. 

Bonus Tip: Share the Love

The most low-maintenance, passive marketing success stories come from customer recommendations and social shares. Ensure your landing page is easy to share and compatible with social media platforms, emails, and texts. Combine sharing links with your call to action or within the incentives you’re offering. Make sure your landing page has a prime spot on your recurring social media schedule, too. 


Building the perfect landing page takes practice, data insights for your specific target audience, and creative strategy. Looking to fast-track your success and get your small business landing page up and running ASAP? Partner with GreenCup Digital and let us take landing page development off your plate. Our team of experienced digital content creators and web developers is ready to craft the perfect landing page for your next product release, sales event, and small business advertising initiative. Connect with GreenCup Digital here to learn more about our content and web development services.  

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