The Importance of Strong Content

This month I’d like to discuss something that we at GreenCup feel is an important consideration when people are creating a website or social media strategy for their business or product.

Strong, well-developed content.

Some of the most well-spoken people in the world cannot effectively write content. They can tell a story, and they have excellent information to share when given an outlet for it. However, they cannot put their thoughts into writing to convey that information to their readers or website visitors.

When poorly written, great stories or incredibly useful information are generally overlooked. In worse cases, the quality of the content on a website or blog can reflect poorly on the company or even the product.

Your website or blog content doesn’t need to be worthy of a Pulitzer Prize or National Book Award, but it does need to be coherent, consistent, and impactful. It should be easy to read, and yet paint a clear and detailed image of your product or service.

In the Internet age, many people skim a website or story to get a general idea and then return to learn more or make a purchase after they have had time to think. If your website’s visitors cannot get a clear idea of what you are offering, they may never return.

Well-written content can give your company a professional appearance. However, you must also consider keeping the content on your site refreshed so that people know you are still in business. A blog that produces new content at least once a month shows that someone is home, and cares enough to keep their clients informed on company events, specials, and new products.

Poorly written content can convey the message that your company is still in an amateur stage in its lifecycle. Stagnant content can make it seem like your company has closed its doors.

There are many ways to save money while building your website but the written content that draws in, explains, directs, or sells to your potential clients is not the best place to cut back. Sometimes, just having your content edited can make a page speak more clearly to your clients. However, having your content professionally produced can save you time and effort later on.

And, professionally produced content may ensure your clients stick around long enough to make a purchase when they may otherwise skim over the info and head for Facebook.

Let GreenCup help you grab your potential customer’s attention. Contact us today for a review on how we can help to represent your company, product, or you in the best way possible with exceptional content.

Written On August 15, 2018

About The Author: Chuck

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