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Our Favorite FREE Marketing Tools

by | Feb 17, 2023 | Marketing, Small Business Marketing

Marketing is all about your strategy and the tools you use to conduct your business. Did you know there are several marketing tools available for FREE!? We asked our GreenCup Digital team of small business digital marketing experts to round up a few of their favorites. 


Google Analytics

For web development and SEO, Google Analytics is a unanimous favorite! This free analytic tool helps you gain insight into your user experience, website performance, target demographic, and marketing spend. Every website GreenCup Digital builds comes with Google Analytics already installed and ready to go. If your current business website doesn’t include Google Analytics, it should. This single marketing tool not only provides incredible insight but can help refine your strategy to ensure your website is working best for your clients and business! 


Answer The Public

Speaking of search engine optimization (SEO), Answer The Public is a free search listening tool that helps you find keywords and commonly-searched customer questions. You can then use those keywords and customer questions to build a content strategy around your product or service. Answer The Public helps define the things that matter most to your users and allows you to create content that meets your customers exactly where they are. In return, you should see a boost in those website performance analytics! 


Creating content can be a tricky task for any small business owner. You want content that solves your clients’  biggest problems, but you also need to ensure everything you write stays professional, focused, and grammatically correct! Grammarly is a free marketing tool that reviews spelling, grammar, punctuation, and sentence clarity. Our copywriters use Grammarly for every piece of content created! Communicate with impact and give the best representation of your business through professional, well-written content. 



Take your content beyond website copy and blogs by venturing into the impactful world of email marketing! Mailchimp is a free email service provider that helps small businesses manage mailing lists and execute email marketing campaigns. Showcase a new product collection, offer innovative sale-price opportunities to subscribers, and gain a devoted customer following by setting up a Mailchimp account. Your customers and bottom line will thank you!



Our graphic designers love Canva, a free marketing tool, for creating social media graphics, presentations, and other visual content. Canva offers an intuitive platform for designing graphics quickly with an entire library of modern designs and elements. This translates well to the fast-paced world of small business ownership and allows owners with limited time and design experience to create the graphics they want in minutes. 



Have you been on social media lately? Video trends are topping the social media charts! If you’re looking to tackle those Tik Tok videos and Instagram reels, Inshot is a free marketing tool that helps with video editing, transition effects, text, and editing photos and image collages. Our social media strategists agree Inshot is the perfect free editing tool to make producing videos a breeze! 



Looking for a new, easier way to learn how your customers interact with your website? Hotjar offers a variety of tools designed to observe, evaluate, and engage your website’s target audiences. Heatmaps allow business owners to track a website visitor’s every move, from which products they click on to how they navigate from page to page. Feedback widgets make webpage improvement a breeze, with easy-to-use mechanisms designed to capture the constructive criticism you want and need for consistent website development. Hotjar even has the ability to host user interviews so you can hear live feedback and seamlessly turn comments into improved user experiences. 


Looking for answers to all your challenging web design, content creation, or program code? OpenAI has the perfect solution for you! ChatGPT is a conversational AI chatbot designed to help you address an endless array of content needs, coding questions, and technology concerns – or anything else you might want to learn more about. It features unique Generative Pre-Trained Transformer technology, which is a fancy way of saying “smarter” AI – so smart, in fact, that ChatGPT is considered one of the most advanced AI resources in the world. 

SEMrush and Yoast

Improve your website’s SEO with SEMrush and Yoast, two powerful tools designed specifically for today’s highly-digital business environment. SEMrush is an all-encompassing, full-scale digital marketing tool with an abundance of helpful features outside of standard SEO support, including website performance, competitor activity, website technical errors, and performance-measured content marketing campaigns. Yoast, comparatively, assists on a smaller scale as a WordPress plugin focused exclusively on improving web content and on-page SEO. Both tools work to streamline your SEO strategies through dedicated keyword research, content improvement, and website optimization. 


You can use every free marketing tool at your dispositive and still struggle with execution. We understand that you can’t do it all, and that’s why GreenCup Digital is here! As an extension of your marketing department, we help execute the tasks you simply don’t have time for or, let’s be honest, don’t enjoy! Free marketing tools can help drive a business, but a dedicated partner in your marketing strategy can push you to the next level. Connect with us here to learn more about our services and set up a time to talk strategy!

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