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tips for working from home during COVID-19

by | Mar 18, 2020 | COVID

With the “Stay At Home” push by the CDC to help reduce the coronavirus outbreak, many of you are finding yourselves working from home for the first time. Green Cup Digital has always been a remote team. We all live in different cities, states, and even countries, so working in our sweatpants is standard for us. But maybe not so much for you. Because of this, we gathered some tips to help keep you productive, safe, and hopefully sane.

Dress Code

Slippers are now your work shoes.

You still need to support those feet while you are shuffling around the house! Bonus points if they are fluffy, bunny slippers.


Business on top, Pjs on the bottom

When using video conferencing, follow the “Business on top, Pjs on the bottom” rule.


No need to create more laundry by putting on real pants, but try to keep the parts of you people can see presentable, which leads us to…

Don’t forget to shower and brush your teeth!

We aren’t animals; basic hygiene rules still apply.


Don’t forget to put on real pants when leaving the house

When you do need to leave the house for those ESSENTIAL reasons, don’t forget to put on real pants.


You may start getting so comfortable in those lounge clothes you’ll convince yourself it’s okay to go outside in your Star Wars pajamas. Again, let’s keep it civilized!


Work Environment 

Get off the couch

Sit at a desk or table and turn the TV off. Not only is working from the couch terrible for your back, but it also leads to more temptation to surf the internet mindlessly or start-up that “Saved by the Bell” binge when you should be working. 



Keep up healthy eating habits

Working from home does not mean a free for all on all the snacks. Yup, that kitchen is stocked, but the point is to keep it that way for a few weeks. It is not the time to challenge yourself on how many bags of chips you can eat in a day.



If you usually use filling your water bottle as an excuse to get up from your desk, keep that habit at home too. Keeping yourself hydrated is always essential, pandemic or not. But save the alcohol for virtual Happy Hour. (Cheers, Zoom!)



Go for a walk, even if it’s just in circles around your home office. Movement is vital to keep your physical and mental health in check right now.


stay out of the office politics

Your new coworkers are probably letting you in on some office romances you weren’t aware of, stay out of it, it’s better that way.


Stay home

We are all in this together to help flatten the curve and beat COVID-19. Thank you for doing your part by staying home and limiting your trips out to only essential reasons. Remember to support your local businesses by shopping online or calling them to order gift cards during this tough time and stay healthy! 

Do your part, stay home

Give yourself a break

We are currently experiencing some stressful times right now, and mental health breaks are going to be crucial to survival. If you are having trouble concentrating, step away from the computer. If you are going non stop, step away from the computer. And if you aren’t sure what to do with yourself, step away from the computer. I guarantee you weren’t productive every minute of your 8-hour office day; it will be okay if the same is happening at home.

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