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West Michigan Holiday Shopping Guide

by | Nov 10, 2020 | Local Business Support

If we have learned anything from 2020, it’s that toilet paper will be the currency in our Mad Max future state. A close second is that businesses on the internet are essential for living that hunkered down quarantine life. It’s great to know you can get puzzles or alcohol to save your Saturday night without the need to venture out. It’s the reason the team at GreenCup Digital got into working in technology, to support small businesses with their online presence. Well, that and being rejected by all pro-sports. (The curling rejection hurt the most.)

During the quarantine debate of essential vs. non-essential, we quickly realized how easy it is to take for granted that our community is full of small businesses that bring diversity and richness to our daily lives. The owners of these businesses live here, work here, and put their earnings back into where we live. It seems like a no-brainer to support them and shop local this holiday season. Many of them are online, which means we can still shop from and order delivery to our bunker, but many are also worth a socially distanced visit.

With this in mind (drumroll please) we bring you the first annual GreenCup Digital West Michigan Holiday Shopping Guide. Ok, the title isn’t catchy, but the genius lies in the businesses listed. They are ones we have shopped, coveted, envied, depended on, and, most importantly, are proud to have in our community. They offer so many one of a kind items and just general coolness to elevate your gift-giving game. We split the list by your interests AND included some charities because it’s cool to give, especially this year. 

BOOKS & GAMES – The Holidays are a great time to curl up indoors. Add on a pandemic and it becomes essential. May as well make the most of it with new reads and activities.

Books & Mortar https://www.booksandmortar.com/

Bettie’s Pages https://www.bettiespages.com/

Blue Bridge Games https://bluebridgegames.com/

Schuler Books https://www.schulerbooks.com/


COOL CATS – Bunkers aren’t easy places to stay up on the newest trends. Visit these shops to check yourself before you wreck yourself.

Rebel https://rebelgr.com/

Fresh Apparel https://freshappareltees.com/

Gemini Handmade https://www.geminihandmade.com/

Oh Hello Co https://ohhelloco.com/

HEALTH NUTS – “Maskne” is now a thing and our sourdough consumption is at lethal levels. Everybody needs to get back to health, here are a few local spots to help turn things around.

Moon Drop Herbals https://moondropherbals.com/

Wanderlux https://wanderluxgr.com/

Malamiah Juice Bar https://malamiahjuicebar.com/

Grand Rapids Wellness Collective https://wellnesscollectivegr.com/

GYM RATS – Gyms were one of the last businesses allowed to open again. Even if you aren’t ready to break a sweat in person before a vaccine, buy a gift card to make sure they are still around when you’re ready.

Purpose Training https://www.purposetrainingstudio.com/

AM Yoga http://amyoga111.com/

Friction Grand Rapids https://frictiongrandrapids.com/

Zeal Aerial Fitness https://www.zealaerialfitness.com/

FOODIES – A simple gift card or basket can turn your thoughtfulness into a delicious treat.

Luna Mexican Restaurant https://lunagr.com/

The Cheese Lady https://thecheeselady.net/locations/grand-rapids

Art Of The Table https://www.artofthetable.com/

Robinson’s Popcorn https://robinsonspopcorn.com/


ACTIVISTS – Got the friend who has everything? Donate on their behalf to show you care about them and supporting their community

Kids Food Basket  https://www.kidsfoodbasket.org/

HQGR https://hqgr.org/

Urban League of West Michigan https://www.grurbanleague.org/get-involved

Grand Rapids Pride Center https://grpride.org/

Well, there you have it. This list is not inclusive of all the wonderful locally owned businesses we have in Grand Rapids and the surrounding area but we hope it has inspired you to shop local! Sure, you might find similar products cheaper at a big box store, but spending your money locally is an investment in your community. Did you know that for every $100 spent at a local business, $68 stays in the community? If Covid has taught us anything, it’s to choose a good song to wash your hands to (“Hit me baby one more time!”) AND that the only thing we should be spreading in our communities this holiday season is love and support.

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