Marketing Your Website in 2018: Episode One – The Code Awakens

Marketing Your Website in 2018: Episode One – The Code Awakens

Your business’ web presence is more important today than ever before. Your online presence includes your website and your social media reach. It’s the place your business calls home on the Internet, and the lines of communication you use to attract potential customers to your front door.

Your web presence is the total visibility you achieve through the use of a website and available social media tools such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. It’s the information you make available to all of your current and future clients.

No matter how incredible your message is, or how revolutionary your product might be, you can’t just throw a website out on the Internet and expect people to find it. You are no longer competing for customers who might read your competitor’s billboard while they drive through town. You are now trying to get your website to stand out in the biggest catalog ever assembled.

In other words, you are competing for attention with the entire world. However, there are many tools and best practices that will help your voice to be heard above the crowd.  We’ve developed a series of posts to help you sort through the noise and market your website right.

Why Online Marketing is Critical

Your website is a critical component of your business. But, throwing a few web pages up online doesn’t mean anyone will ever find your site. Getting your homepage in front of viewers and shoppers takes work, meaning you need to go out and track those people down and lead them back to your door.

That process has changed quite a bit over the years. In 2018, simply advertising your product with an artsy picture and catchy phrase is no longer enough. By spreading information about your product or service through social media channels you will start potential customers talking.

You need to tell a story that will generate buzz, and will make people want to find out why your product will make their life better. Or easier. Or more comfortable. Then, you need to get that story out to the rest of the world. That’s where a well-built social media structure and strong content marketing strategy come into play.

What’s the Story?

These days, it’s just as important to create a web of ambassadors for your product or service as it is to advertise in the middle of a football game. If you spread a compelling story or bits of helpful information, people will follow the breadcrumbs back to your door.

Better yet, if you give people the right information through social media channels, they will spread the word for you and draw other visitors in with them. Even the people who never buy your product can become your best ambassadors by spreading the word – just because they think you have something amazing to offer.

So, what tools do you use to bring people to your virtual front door, and what steps do you take to keep them coming back? Hit the Subscribe button below and stay tuned for our follow up post on Marketing your Website in 2018. We’ll discuss some of the tools and processes that make your website more visible and how to keep visitors returning to your website again and again.

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Written On January 15, 2018

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