Marketing Your Website in 2018 – Episode 5: The Last Blog Post

Marketing Your Website in 2018

Episode 5: The Last Blog Post

Ok. Just to be clear, this is not the last GreenCup Digital blog post. Just the last blog post in this series. All good franchises must come to an end. Unless you have a huge catalog of superheroes, in which case you can just continue to recycle them over and over again by writing sequels and prequels until the cows come home.

Do the cows ever actually ever come home? Nevermind. Back to the serious stuff.

Our Marketing Your Website in 2018 series began on a distant planet, far, far away and comes to an end with this last, solo thought about marketing concepts in the new millennium.

We have talked about SEO, reactive design, and other important topics that can help you to market your website in the current digital galaxy. All of those things and many more work together to help people find your site and keep them coming back. However, there is wan important feature that you need to keep in mind whether you want people to visit your site once or return over and over.


If you’re trying to reach potential customers and get them to come see what your shiny new website is all about, then it better be shiny. The content on your site needs to stand out like a gold droid in the desert. It needs to grab your visitor’s attention quickly and give them something chewy that will make them want to click past the front page.

Whether it’s written content, media, or new products, people need to see something that makes them want to open the front door and come in for a look around. Something unique, like a lighted, whistling, rolling trash can.

Good content is important to your site’s success for several reasons but here are the two we believe are the most important.


Posting new content on a regular basis gives people something new to read. If you regularly post new content you’ll give people a reason to come back for another look. That content could be informative, funny, or thoughtful, but if it draws people’s attention like a falcon circling overhead, then it’s worth the effort to create. Posting new information also gives new clients more to read, link to, or share with other people.

All of those things also attract the attention of the search engine empire and gets you noticed by Google, Bing, and others. If you keep posting fresh content you are more likely to be in the list of results returned when someone searches for something that relates to your site.

Think about websites and freshness for a minute. Would you keep going back to a site that had the same stale content on it every time you visited? Probably not. That’s like opening the fridge and finding a bunch of food that’s been leia-ing around for weeks. Ok, fine. So I had to work for that one.


When people want to know about your business or product, the first thing they usually do is visit your website. Your website is your front door. It’s your yellow pages ad, directory listing, and so much more. It’s the first place your customers will look for any information related to your site, but you don’t want it to be the last.

If you went to a business and the windows were all darth and covered over with newspapers from the 1970’s, you might think it was closed. As in – no longer in business. If the products in the front window of a storefront never change it looks like the store has been selling the exact same stuff for years. If the stuff never changes, then once you bought something, you just move on. You probably wouldn’t go back to look for new stuff.

There are a few ways to keep your website’s content fresh, depending on your site’s design and purpose. No matter what your website does, making regular blog posts is not a difficult jaba. It’s an easy way to continually update the information on your site.

Look, I can go farther, but keeping your site up to date with fresh content can help engage your customers and may the force search engines to take notice instead of passing over your homepage as if it was on a dark site. Fresh content will give people useful or informative content and help keep them returning to read more. And, it can also be used to announce events, news, and updates.

All of those things help generate traffic and get your site noticed by the search engine droids.

Want to discuss any of the topics featured here? Or want to talk about how we can help you? Please contact us today and schedule a call or let’s meet for coffee.


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