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Free Up Your Time With Marketing Automation

by | Jul 8, 2022 | Marketing

Do your small business responsibilities leave you scrambling to make the most of every minute of every day? As a small business ourselves, we here at GreenCup Digital understand the daily demands of entrepreneurship. Small business owners are pulled in a million directions and forced to maintain a running to-do list in their heads (or on hundreds of post-it notes) at all times. Stop adding to your post-it note wall piñata and start streamlining your systems with easy, affordable technology. 

It’s the perfect year for a digital marketing automation refresh!  Over 75% of companies use marketing automation to fast-track their marketing success. Of those who don’t, 26% plan on adopting marketing automation in 2022. We’ve already introduced marketing automation tools for social media, email marketing, and reporting, but did you know you can also automate project management, content, and client communication? Join us as we break down another set of helpful digital marketing automation tools that can free up your time and make small business marketing simple, fast, and effective. 

Task Management Marketing Automation

Is there anything more frustrating than losing a to-do list? Save yourself time and heartache by investing in a task management system. Task management marketing automation allows you to track, consolidate, and easily view your digital marketing projects so you can keep your content and efforts consistent. Audiences love consistency! With the proper task management tool at your disposal, you can launch creative, recurring digital marketing projects that draw clients in time and time again.  

Check out the automated workflows, resource and budget management, and timeline integration features of marketing task management programs like Screendragon, Workamajig, and ClickUp. At GreenCup Digital, we use Basecamp to keep our teams and clients organized and ensure transparent, easy-to-follow automated task management from start to finish. Task management marketing automation saves you time, stress, and money by organizing your tasks in a concise and effective way. 

Content Marketing Automation

Imagine creating perfectly polished e-newsletters, search-engine-optimized (SEO) blog posts, and creative, engaging photo galleries every day (weekends included) for the longevity of your business. Sound like a lot of work? Content marketing automation is the process of utilizing programs, systems, and tools to handle tedious content development tasks for you. 

Instead of proofreading your e-newsletters over and over again (and still finding mistakes in the final draft), you can use a free platform like Grammarly or the Hemmingway App to quickly identify weak spots. Wanting more eyes on your blog, but tired of conducting keyword research on your own? Try an SEO plugin like Yoast, which will give each blog an SEO “score” and provide suggestions for improvement. Seeking a futuristic approach to your photo content? Follow along with Google as they turn your text into photo-realistic images. Content marketing will likely always depend on some form of human involvement, but by implementing a few content marketing automation strategies, you can save time during development and distribution. 

Chatbot Marketing Automation

Every small business owner aims to engage and relate to customers who visit their small business website. We agonize over the perfect way to share our stories, products, and services without losing customers to pages filled with text. Chatbots exist to create a personalized online experience for your customers and help bridge the gap between the digital and physical world. They are adaptable, responsive, and some chatbots even learn as they go, helping your customers with everything from buying items and registering for mailing lists to paying bills and resolving complaints. 

Try improving your small business customer experience by checking out ChatBot, Drift, or Zendesk. Connect your chatbot to your website and social media profiles to encourage consistency across all platforms and meet your ideal customers where they’re at. 

Unsure which marketing automation tools are best for your unique small business? GreenCup Digital can help. We partner with our clients to create efficient, effective marketing strategies that capture leads, inspire engagement, and close sales. Contact GreenCup Digital here to schedule your free digital marketing discovery call and learn how together we can free up your time while improving your business’s bottom line. 

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