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Enhancing The Home Buying Experience with Eastbrook Homes

by | Sep 22, 2021 | Website Development

Eastbrook Homes: Know Your Options Series

Every day our team builds websites, improves SEO, manages social media, and creates content for our clients. Some days, a client disrupts our everyday flow, in the best way, with a challenging problem in which they look to us for a creative solution.

That’s exactly how the Eastbrook Homes “Know Your Options” series came to be.

The Challenge

With Covid disrupting traditional aspects of the home buying process, Eastbrook’s pivot was a small one. The West Michigan home builder is a grade above the rest, thanks to Sarah Titus and Marissa Roden, an internal marketing team that values innovation. Virtual tours, interactive home plans, and robust photo galleries were already a thriving part of the Eastbrook website. While in-person appointments and events may have turned virtual, their website was ready to assist customers every step along the way, except one. 

As part of the home buying process, Eastbrook welcomes new homeowners to a Design Night. Homeowners in the building process typically gather for several hours at the Eastbrook Home Creation Studio to learn about the features and selections available to them. This process includes everything from the exterior details to the kitchen sink. 

Eastbrook was now faced with how to turn this experience virtual. 

The challenge was already in motion when presented to GreenCup Digital. A script was in the works, and there would be nine video segments total. The whole production was to be turned around in less than a month and live on the site.


Based on the information provided, we decided to turn the “Know Your Options” series into an interactive learning experience as part of Eastbrook University (EBU). EBU offers a variety of content to help educate new home builders, and this felt like one more piece of the puzzle. 

We wanted to create an all-encompassing experience of what Eastbrook offers. Not just the emotional experience but an accumulation of resources and content to make every home builder feel prepared and informed. 

Accessibility is also a significant component of the design, including a transcript for the video to aid the hearing impaired or those who prefer reading.

Lastly, navigation was crucial in guiding users through each video and stack of information just as they would on Design Night. However, accomplishing this task from home means unending disruptions. So we wanted to be sure we encouraged moving forward through the series, yet easy enough to pick up where they last left off. The Know Your Options series is a wealth of information, making it essential for the home builder not to get lost or frustrated along the way. 


We accomplished the goal, but we can’t take all of the credit. The video segments were masterfully produced by Stoneburner Video, while Sarah and Marissa from Eastbrook Homes were quick to respond to questions and provide additional guiding content. 

The experience is more than a lecture. It includes a video walkthrough with the Home Creation Studio’s Senior Director. Each section also includes resources such as downloads and blog posts, in addition to important designer tips from each video.

Not only did the series boost satisfaction amongst Eastbrook Homes customers, but it inspired the industry at large. Eastbrook Homes Marketing Manager and Graphic Designer, Sarah Titus was featured on Do You Convert and The Home Builder Marketing Podcast for the innovative new tool.

“The Know Your Options landing page project began like our more intensive endeavors usually do: We don’t have all the information yet, but we need this done in 3 weeks. And as always, GreenCup responded by asking clarifying questions, getting us on a schedule, and organizing to-dos so everyone stayed on track. Between writing a script, monitoring a 9-segment video series, and editing those 9 videos, we were very busy on our end; Kendra recognized this and took charge of the landing page development, which gave us time and space to finish the videos.

These efforts resulted in an intricately orchestrated project, with 9 videos fitting seamlessly into an interactive, resource-laden customer journey, and we could not have accomplished it without GreenCup. Since its launch, we have gotten national attention and feedback on this project, as it’s the first of its kind in the builder-marketing niche. “

Sarah Titus

Marketing Manager & Graphic Designer, Eastbrook Homes

Eastbrook Homes continues to partner with GreenCup Digital to foster innovative marketing concepts through user experience, inbound marketing, website development, and SEO. 

Empowering you to break the mold.

Not only are we a full-service digital marketing agency, but we’re also a partner. When our clients come to us with challenges, we huddle over a fresh pot of coffee and power through solutions that provide results. 

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