Directory Submissions To Help Boost Your SEO Traffic

Directories are a source for your local business to get found online. One of the best ways to increase your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) rankings is to submit your business to these directories. There are hundreds of directories specific to a location and business category. Get your business in front of the people searching, rather than relying on organic traffic alone to drive your Google rankings. 

How to claim your directory listing: 

It’s important to know that every directory submission process will vary, but what’s important is that you keep your information consistent, especially in regards to your Business Name, Address, and Phone Number (NAP). 

Claim Your Business

You may find your business already exists on some platforms, but the information is inaccurate or out of date. Sometimes these listings are created by the directory as a placeholder and need an owner to claim them.

Complete Your Listing

Once you’ve claimed your business or created a new business listing, make sure you complete all available fields. Fields may vary between listings, but your NAP will remain the same and should be consistent from listing to listing. Some additional information you may want to include, if available, could be your products or services offered, hours of operation, other contact methods like email, and a link to your website, social media links, and photos. The more complete you can make your listing, the better image you’ll project to consumers. 

Think about it, when you’re traveling and hunger strikes, you often jump to Google to find a local place to grab lunch. Are you more likely to dine at a business featuring a listing full of reviews, photos of the lunch menu, and their hours? Or are you stopping at the lunch spot with one user-submitted image and no hours posted?

If you’re with GreenCup, we’re going to the lunch spot that takes their beverage selection seriously. 😉

Verify Your Listing

Online directories usually have a verification process to finalize your submission and ensure accurate and secure listings. In its simplest form, they’ll deliver security codes by text, email, phone call, or snail mail.

Local Business Directories For Small Business SEO:

Feel like you already have a good directory presence? Investing in an SEO Audit will provide a comprehensive analysis of your website and online presence. Audits are a great way to check your business’s pulse and continually compete with other local companies online. 

Need an SEO Audit or some assistance with directory submissions? The SEO Strategists at GreenCup Digital are here to help. Contact GreenCup Today!

Written On March 19, 2021

About The Author: Kendra

Kendra can tell what button you’ll push. She loves to create the best user experience for her clients, and drive the leads you need with actionable landing pages. Basically living a double life, you can also find her chasing chickens around her homestead.
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