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Digital Marketing 101

by | Jan 22, 2022 | Marketing

Some of us can recall the ‘90’s with clarity: mobile phones the size of toasters, well-memorized phone numbers, and the distinct sounds of AOL’s dialup, chat rooms, and mail alerts. It was an age before constant connectivity and visibility. To sell your products and services, you needed to take out an ad in the newspaper, pitch on TV or radio, go door-to-door, and network in person. 

My, oh my, how things have changed. 

Today’s digital world grants us limitless audiences and sales channels – but such exposure comes at a price. Gone are the days of paper business cards and strategic Mad Men magazine spreads. Consumers are now armed with instant access to information, reviews, and research. They don’t want to be sold a myth about what they need; they seek transparency, trust, and a sense of connection to the businesses they patronize. The competition is also stiffer than ever, with billions of dollars dedicated to digital marketing each year. Businesses across the globe are investing heavily in digital responsiveness and rising to the challenge of meeting customers where they’re at – online.

Digital marketing is a business owner’s key to success.

But where to begin? How can today’s business owners position themselves online in the best possible way and with the greatest likelihood for victory over the competition? It starts by understanding the basics. 


A professional business website is a no-brainer when it comes to online accessibility. At first, building a simple website seems pretty straightforward, right? Buy a domain, use one of those set-priced website builders, and off you go! But what happens when your customers compare your standard, straight-from-the-box website against streamlined, responsive websites with easily accessible answers to their questions and solutions to their problems? We’ll give you a hint: customers make up their minds in the first 15 seconds. That means you have 10 seconds to show your audience why they should stay on your page instead of clicking over to the competition. It’s vital to use those 10 seconds wisely by investing in a professional, well-branded website that grows your client base and consequently, revenue. 


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

What good is a professional business website when you can’t get your audience’s eyes on it? Optimizing your website for search engines is crucial to capturing the clients you need. Did you know Google updates its search results by regularly scanning websites like yours again and again? Optimized keywords, branded content, and embedded internal and external links all affect your site’s SEO. Don’t miss your chance to be captured on the front page of your favorite search engine. Develop solid SEO strategies to ensure your business is what users find when they’re searching for products and services like yours.

Social Media

With billions of users and a constant stream of fresh, innovative ways to communicate your business’s unique attributes and specialties, social media is a fantastic way to exchange likes for sales. Crafting the perfect social media strategy, however, can be complicated, time-consuming, and confusing. Is it better to go live on Facebook or Instagram? Would your latest post have a better chance of going viral on TikTok or IG Reels? When is the best time to post, how often should you post, and who should your business profile engage with regularly? The answers to these questions will determine the strength of your business’s social media platform and ability to attract audiences from all over the world. 


A little riddle for you: Your website uses them. Your newsletters use them. Your social media posts use them. Google regularly reads them. What are they? Words. 

The power of the written word extends beyond evoking a feeling or action from your reader. They quite literally form the structure behind everything your audience comes into contact with. You can’t sell something online without effectively explaining what it is, how it’s special, and why it beats out the competition. This is why a devoted content strategy is so important to successful digital marketing. Well-written content attracts new customers and allows search engines to catalog your information so new audiences can easily find you. It also acts as an auxiliary point of contact with your audience, allowing you to connect through blog posts, e-newsletters, and perfectly worded product descriptions. Creative content keeps your business flexible in the face of an ever-changing digital environment and forces you to stay on top of new ways to connect with your customers. 

Digital Marketing

It isn’t easy to stay up to date on the latest digital trends, strategies, and optimization tools when you’re a business owner with mile-long to-do lists. Robust digital marketing requires continued education and immersion in the tech world. How can you bolster success and gain traction online when time is short and the climate is constantly changing? Simple:

Partner with someone who supports you as an extension of your business and shares your commitment to success. 

GreenCup Digital knows digital marketing inside and out. We make it our business to stay ahead of tech developments and know-how to navigate the intricacies of online marketing. Our team members are experts in their field, delivering results with a collaborative approach and dedication to your success. The best part? We believe in sharing our knowledge and investing in the businesses we serve through transparent, innovative communication tactics and team-centered operations. 

It’s with this spirit of teamwork and transparency that GreenCup Digital invites you to take a deep dive into digital marketing with us. Over the next few articles, we’ll introduce you to online business strategies that help capture audiences, traffic, and dollars. With extensive experience in a multitude of online platforms and digital sales tactics, GreenCup Digital is well versed in getting eyes on your website, engagement from your social media posts, and sales from your newsletters. Join us while we divulge our favorite tips and tricks for new and established businesses alike, starting with small business website development. We’ll show you how to attract your ideal customers, showcase your products and services, and boost your revenue with a responsive, professional website.

Want to skip the digital marketing mini-lessons and move straight to the head of the class? GreenCup Digital is here to translate your business goals into profitable digital marketing. We’re website dynamos with a talent for content development, a passion for social media management, and proven SEO tools and techniques. Connect with us here to share more about your business goals. We’re ready to work behind the scenes so you can spend less time deciphering digital marketing articles and more time doing business.

Get in touch today with GreenCup Digital for a consultation.

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