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Category: Content Writing

If digital marketing were a fancy dinner table, content writing would be the fine china, food presentation, floral arrangements, and table runners. You could have the best mashed potatoes in the world, but if you serve them out of a tin can, you’re unlikely to get the reaction you want. Content writing is your way of communicating the “why” behind your business. It’s meant to elicit an emotion, a response, and an action from your target audience. From strategically-written website copy to engaging, keyword-filled blog posts, your small business content needs to not only communicate what you’re selling but why customers should buy from you.

But it isn’t always easy to communicate the passion behind your products. Matter of fact, engaging customers with well-written website content that also ranks well in keyword searches is a challenge most business owners choose to forfeit. Well, we here at GreenCup Digital aim to help small businesses in every facet of digital marketing, and that’s why we’ve bundled up our favorite content writing tips and tricks here on the GreenCup Digital digital marketing blog. Check out our posts for our most creative way of engaging with the written word and if you’re looking to partner with the best in the content writing business, connect with us here.