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Blog posts are an important part of your marketing strategy, especially with an Inbound Marketing approach which uses fun and engaging content to bring your visitors back for more. However, it’s hard to make time to create fresh content week after week that’s free from spelling and grammar issues that can impact your company’s professional appearance.

GreenCup Digital can keep your blog posts fresh and fun while constantly improving your position in your client’s search results.

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inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing is the modern practice of making interesting, useful, and enjoyable content available to your website’s visitors so they’ll come back again and again. By giving something away for free, you will earn your potential customer’s trust and respect, and a sale when they are ready to make a purchase. Don’t know where to start? We can help with that.


content Editing

You have a story to share, and no one else can tell it like you. No one can match the passion you have for your own business. Go ahead, write your blog post, or newsletter, or email even if writing has never been your greatest strength. We’ll take over when you’re done and make sure your content is polished and delivered.


email marketing

Email marketing is the secret weapon of today’s small businesses. Used correctly, it can attract, engage, and connect with your customers and further your marketing reach. It can also keep your clients informed of new products or services and improve sales. If you would like to set up an email newsletter, we can design, write, and publish engaging content for you.

Website Content

The content on your website gives your visitors more than just reading material. It shows visitors that you pay attention to detail. Your content should present a clear picture of your business without unnecessary fluff.

Your content should appeal to different readers – your potential clients and to search engines. Your text must follow certain rules to attract search engines and still be easy to read so your visitors become customers.

Effective content is not easy to create, but we can help.

Content Writing

The content on your website gives your visitors more than just reading material. It also shows them you’re a professional who pays attention to detail. Your site’s content needs to give your visitors a clear picture of who you are and why can meet their needs, but not drown them in a sea of industry jargon or unnecessary filler and fluff.

Your content also needs to be formatted for two readers – your potential clients and the search engines that will bring them to your digital doorstep. Your text needs to follow certain rules to create effective SEO, or search engine optimization, but still be easily read by your visitors and help them become your customers.

Effective content is not easy to create, but you don’t have to. The GreenCup team can provide the content for your website, blog posts, business letters, and more.

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