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Adams k-9

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Social Media Management with Ongoing content editing and design support.



Adams K9 is a dog training and kennel facility in Hudsonville, MI. Their website had been developed internally but required some design work and content editing that required professional support. They also chose to update their brand in order to develop assets such as a brochure and employee handbook. 

Branding work was done in partnership with BoxBoom Creative.



Sit. Stay. Place.  

As with dog training, finding your place is important. With a website and regular blog posting under their belt, Adams K-9 Training and Kennels recently expanded their strategy with the GreenCup Digital team to include Social. Working to make better use of their social media resources and marketing campaigns, GreenCup Digital manages their overall social media strategy so Adams K-9 and their staff can concentrate on the things they do best. 

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