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Moving From Universal Analytics to GA4

Google Analytics 4
Migration Service

On July 1, 2023, Google Universal Analytics will no longer process data.

Migrate to Google Analytics 4 (GA4) with the help of GreenCup Digital to ensure a seamless transition. Don’t lose out on valuable insights; ensure you have correctly configured your properties so you can collect data and track the metrics that matter most to your business. With Google Analytics installed properly, you can determine things like how well:

  • how well your products and services will sell
  • if your social media platforms are driving traffic (and sales!)
  • whether your lead-generation efforts are successful
  • what blog posts perform the best on your website

If you’re not using Google Analytics, you’re missing out on valuable business insight and, quite frankly, your bottom line. Migrate to GA4 Today!

GA4 Migration Service | GreenCup Digital

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What Does GreenCup Digital’s GA4 Migration include?

Our essential GA4 Migration Service will configure GA4, establish primary data streams, enable data collection, and connect to Tag Manager. Once GreenCup Digital’s in-house web developers set up G4 on your site, they will complete an accuracy check to ensure data is transmitting so your business doesn’t miss out on valuable insights!

Google Analytics 4 Configuration

Establish Basic Data Streams

Tag Manager Connection


Install and Data Accuracy Check

frequently asked questions about

Google Analytics 4

What's The Difference Between Universal Analytics & GA4?

GA4 takes into consideration changing privacy laws and user tracking restrictions while allowing you to view the complete buyer’s journey across multiple touchpoints with predictive analytics. Learn more about the difference between UA and GA4 on our blog here

When Do I Need To Transition To GA4?

Today! Universal Analytics will stop reporting on July 1, 2023; it’s critical your transition to GA4 happens before this date. The sooner you transition to GA4, the more data you’ll have to compare in month-over-month reporting. 

Can You Have Both GA4 and Universal Analytics?

Yes. We recommend that you keep UA intact on your current Google Analytics account, in addition to configuring GA4. You can continue collecting data to build out your GA4 implementation and adapt to the new features.

Is GA4 Replacing Unviersal Analytics?

Yes, Google Analytics 4 (GA4) is replacing Universal Analtyics on July 1, 2023. Data will no longer be processed through your UA property and will only flow into GA4 properties.

What Will Happen To My Universal Analytic Data?

Universal Analytics will stop processing data on July 1, 2023, but your data will still be accessible for up to 6 months afterward. We highly recommend taking steps to save your historical date from UA before Google removes it.

Worried about custom GA4 events?

Do you have custom events or properties you’re concerned about transitioning to GA4? We can help with that too!