Get Your Business Online Faster Than Ever

Easy Ecommerce

GreenCup Digital provides a fast eCommerce solution to get you back to business.

We all knew our businesses were meant to be, but in these uncertain times, we didn’t all think our businesses were meant to be….online. 

If you’re looking to transition your business from brick and mortar to code and color, we’re here to help! Online payments and managing products don’t have to be complicated or costly. 

That’s why we’ve streamlined the process creating an eCommerce solution that allows you to invest half upfront as we help you transition digitally, getting you back to business in just 14 days!

We know change is hard so take some time to adjust and work your new eCommerce platform, with an extension on your remaining balance for 45 days later. That’s right! We want to help provide a strong sales foundation so you can worry less about payment and focus more on growing a thriving business. 

In just 14 days you could be back in business with our Easy eCommerce solution. Available for a limited time, contact us today to get started! 

Investing $2,000 will get you
back to business in just 14 days!

Eager to get started? Or need a little more incentive?
Pay in full and get 20% of your total. 


You didn’t get into business to mess with the internet, but we did. That’s why we‘ve streamlined our eCommerce solution to get you back in business faster than ever. Your Easy eCommerce investment of $2,000 will include:

Built On WordPress

We’ll install and set-up your WordPress store using Woocommerce – a plugin that’s well-loved and free! 

Connected To Your Payment Processor

We’ll easily connect your store to Stripe or Paypal for painless transactions.

Inclusive Of 5 Products or Services

We’ll build out your first 5 products or develop your first services page to get you started.


Provide A Tutorial For Future Success

As always, we provide a video tutorial to show you how to make changes and keep your website current, step-by-step.

Do You Currently Have a Website, but it’s not on WordPress?

We may have a solution for you too! Take advantage of our free 30-minute consultation so we better serve your business needs.